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Manticora – “To Kill To Live To Kill”

Prior to this, I had never heard of Manticora. And on paper, not only should I know who they are but I should be a fan of theirs. Their new album “To Kill To Live To Kill” has all of … Continue reading

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Michael Romeo – “War Of The Worlds: Pt. 1”

“War Of The Worlds: Pt. 1” marks the first official solo album from Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo. I am reminded of something asked of Eddie Van Halen back in the day as to why he never did solo albums. … Continue reading

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Plini – “Sunhead”

For the uninitiated, Plini is a guitar player from Australia. His music is instrumental progressive metal. His EP “Sunhead” to be released on 7/27/018 has touches of smooth jazz, a mellotron, syncopation for days, and production as close to perfect … Continue reading

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Ring Van Möbius – “Past the Evening Sun”

This review is not something that I was sent to review. Rather, I actually heard this album and WANTED to write this. Weird, I know. Who is Ring Van Möbius? I have my own theory. This band and album “Past … Continue reading

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Argos – “Unidentified Dying Objects”

Argos are one of the most British sounding bands you will ever hear. The only issue is that they are German! But they have a sound that reminds me of bands like Van der Graaf Generator and Nektar. At least … Continue reading

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Galasphere 347 – “Galasphere 347”

On paper, the self titled debut by Galasphere 347 should be amazing. The band features members of White Willow, Henry Fool, Änglagård, The Tim Bowness band, Weserbandland and Necromonkey. But none of that matters, does it? The question is how … Continue reading

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Epica vs. Attack on Titan

So, this is a release that came out last December in Japan but is just now getting a wide release to the rest of the world. Not sure why, given the fairly strong following the show it is based on … Continue reading

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Matt Baber – “Suite For Piano And Electronics”

It’s another Sue Review of an instrumental album, with yet another approach, this one being one of classical sort, with a touch of modern minimalism. But it is not a stuffy affair by any means. Many of the keyboard players … Continue reading

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Between the Buried and Me – “Automata”

I wrote a review for “Automata I” when it was released so I won’t go into any of the details of the songs from that review. With the release of “Automata II,” we now have the full album as it … Continue reading

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Obscura – “Diluvium”

There are certain bands that I know I can count on to deliver a quality album every time out. Obscura is one of those bands. Over the years, they have gotten better at what they do and it’s been a … Continue reading

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