Matt Baber – “Suite For Piano And Electronics”

BEM059 - Matt Baber - Suite For Piano and Electronics copy

It’s another Sue Review of an instrumental album, with yet another approach, this one being one of classical sort, with a touch of modern minimalism. But it is not a stuffy affair by any means.

Many of the keyboard players in progressive rock are rooted in the classical style, so, to me, albums like “Suite For Piano And Electronics” seem to be a natural extension as a listening option for a prog rock fan.

Matt Baber is the keyboardist in the band Sanguine Hum, and Suite For Piano And Electronics is his first official solo release. The works contained in the album sometimes use loops and electronic elements, other tracks contain solo piano.

The electronic components bring with them moments of surprise, which, in my case, helped me stay engaged with the music. Part 5 is an upbeat piece, where layers of piano weave together. This is my favorite track on the album. Part 1 puts those electronic elements into play with the piano, add an interesting texture to the overall sound of the piece.

Overall the album is relaxing and peaceful but still an engaging listen. As the album plays I am aware of the care put towards both the music and the production. There’s clear sound and the placement of the instrumentation is balanced.

“Suite For Piano And Electronics” is wonderful choice if you are looking to expand your musical universe.

Rating: 9/10

Available now

1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3
4. Part 4
5. Part 5
6. Part 6
7. Part 7
8. Part 8
9. Part 9
10. Part 10

Matt Baber – Piano, synthesisers, sequencers, sound processing.

Cover design and photography by Carl Glover.

Label: Bad Elephant Music

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