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Soen – “Lotus”

Soen has become one of my favorite bands. Despite all the member turn over, drummer Martin Lopez and vocalist Joel Ekelöf have always managed to get the right people in the band. Now with their fourth album “Lotus,” they actually … Continue reading

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Lost Crowns – “Every Night Something Happens”

I’m not a musician, though I can create some noises with a couple of instruments. So I usually talk about how music sounds to me in ways that are not explained in very technical music terms but rather how the … Continue reading

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Steve Hackett – “At The Edge Of Light”

There are few artists that have accomplished what Steve Hackett already has and yet he still is making arguably the best music of his whole career. And I am including Genesis! “At The Edge Of Light” is yet another masterpiece … Continue reading

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Thrailkill – “Everything That Is You”

Instrumental progressive metal trios are everywhere!   How does one decide to listen to fresh new music or sit on your ass waiting for the new Animals as Leaders?  The new recording by Thrailkill (a band which was once called … Continue reading

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Interview with Mick Moss of Antimatter

The album title “Black Market Entertainment” seems to insinuate that enlightenment is hard to come by nowadays. Was that the idea?   The albums title takes a pop at how I used to view LSD and cannabis when I was … Continue reading

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Evergrey – “The Atlantic”

I’ve always liked Evergrey. But I’ll admit they’ve been kind of hit or miss with me. The Inner Circle was my first exposure to them and what an incredible album that was/is. It has remained my favorite of theirs all … Continue reading

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