Ring Van Möbius – “Past the Evening Sun”

26142fb67d744127d745a01360efec1ea04c5e2cThis review is not something that I was sent to review. Rather, I actually heard this album and WANTED to write this. Weird, I know. Who is Ring Van Möbius? I have my own theory. This band and album “Past the Evening Sun” are actually from 1970 and not 2018. I think it’s a jam session that featured the full original King Crimson lineup: Robert Fripp on guitar, Ian McDonald on mellotron, Greg Lake on bass and Michael Giles on drums, who decided to team up with Van der Graaf Generator members, Peter Hammill on vocals and David Jackson on sax.

Those six then asked Vincent Crane from Atomic Rooster to add some Hammond organ and then asked Keith Emerson to guest on one track. This is my grand theory. Ring Van Möbius have ALL of that ability in both their skill and in song composition. So either they are those guys OR the band was frozen cryogenically in 1970 and just recently thawed out to record this album.

It’s hard to fathom something this authetically prog can still be made in 2018. The title track starts the album and clocks in at just under 22 minutes. Vocalist and keyboardist Thor Erik Helgesen channels Hammill’s darkest moments while his keyboard work fills all the gaps with amazing vintage charm. To top it off, I’ve never heard anyone so influenced by Michael Giles than drummer Dag Olav Husås. His snare work especially! Plus the kettle drum on the second track “End of Greatness” is something Giles would do.

And at just over five minutes, that second track is the shortest by far. But it’s also the most King Crimson like track as well. That’s a good thing too! The third and final track “Chasing the Horizon” has the Keith Emerson like moments at the start and finish of the song. Add in that bassist Håvard Rasmussen sounds like a mix of Greg Lake and Chris Squire, you get the idea.

The whole album is flat out amazing!! It’s not aping to be vintage prog, it IS vintage prog. These musicians are from another time and that time is 1970, dammit! Okay, if there was no time travel involved, it shows that some musicians truly love classic prog as much as I do. If you like ANY of the bands that I mentioned, you need to check out this band. If you love all of those bands like I do, you will lose your shit like I am.

Rating: 10/10

1. Past the Evening Sun
2. End of Greatness
3. Chasing the Horizon

Label: Apollon Records
Release Date: 25 May 2018 (yeah right 1970)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ringvanmobius

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3 Responses to Ring Van Möbius – “Past the Evening Sun”

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  3. Rick says:

    Great review. You really nailed this record. I just heard it recently and couldn’t agree with you more.

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