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DGM – “The Passage”

This band is quite special to me. The last DGM album “Momentum” was incredible and the song “Trust” from it has become a personal anthem. So “The Passage” was easily one of my most highly anticipated albums of 2016. The … Continue reading

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Oddland – “Origin”

Finland’s Oddland have had an interesting journey in their relatively young career. The band was formed in 2003 and in 2011, the band won Suomi Metal Star, a Finnish talent contest. The win landed them a record deal with Century … Continue reading

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TCP – “Temporal Chaos”

Neo-prog is a slippery slope for me as a listener. Many bands cite Genesis, Marillion and IQ as influencial but far too many of them churn out boring as fuck, watered down fluff that sound like anything you’d hear a … Continue reading

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Darkher – “Realms”

It’s very common that people find comfort in darkness, and I am no exception. But this is also close-knit to (one of) my problem(s): I’m a sucker for any kind of music labeled as dark, gothic, ambient and possibly female … Continue reading

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Meshuggah – “Born in Dissonance”

Meshuggah is ubiquitous and near legendary in the modern prog metal scene, and for good reason: very few bands can claim to have created something truly groundbreaking and unique, especially in a genre that can be as derivative as prog … Continue reading

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Nosound – “Scintilla”

I’ve tried getting into Nosound for a number of years now. The problem that I’ve had with the band is there are really little dynamics to what they do. It’s VERY low key art rock and the songs are often … Continue reading

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monkey3 – “Astra Symmetry”

I admit that I am new to the Swiss band monkey3 and I was initially attracted to review this album because the album artwork looked amazing and the title “Astra Symmetry” sounded cool. It’s even better that the music fits … Continue reading

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Fractal Cypher – “The Human Paradox”

Progressive Metal is a vast, deep ocean of possibility. At least that is how I view it. In a genre so often plagued by formulaic song structures and macho posturing, this inherent sense of choice, compositional freedom and suggested lack of … Continue reading

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Eclectic Trio ‘Consider The Source’ Announces New 2016 Tour Dates

August 2016:The eclectic progressive/fusion trio Consider The Source has announced a string of new tour dates, which kicks off in New Hampshire on August 27 and includes stops in Denver, Houston, Chicago, New York and Boston. See a complete list … Continue reading

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The Pineapple Thief – “Your Wilderness” & “8 Years Later”

“Your Wilderness” has been hyped as the return to prog for The Pineapple Thief. I don’t get that exactly since I thought the last album, “Magnolia,” was not only really good but also plenty prog enough. Some of the songs … Continue reading

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