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Nucleus – “Sentient”

Nucleus are the type of death metal that I love. They are heavy as fuck but also intelligent and off-kilter musically. The music is dark and raw but the arrangements are always interesting. While the band is from Chicago, they … Continue reading

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Magnum – “Sacred Blood ‘Divine’ Lies”

Magnum have been around a very long time. Their roots are in 70s prog but have had more in common with melodic hard rock than anything akin to Yes or King Crimson. For me, they are a more kinder, gentler … Continue reading

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The Real Tragedy in the Wake of Piotr Grudziński’s Death

There have been many tributes to Riverside guitarist Piotr Grudziński. I am doing one on my radio show. But since his sudden passing on Sunday, I don’t even think about the music side of things. I’ve been thinking about his … Continue reading

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Riverside announce memorial service for Piotr Grudziński

Riverside has posted the details for the memorial service for guitarist Piotr Grudziński on their Facebook page: Kochani, żegnamy Piotra w najbliższy poniedziałek 29.02 o 14:30. Warszawa. Cmentarz Komunalny Północny na Wólce Węglowej. ul. Wóycickiego 14. Darlings, Goodbye Peter on … Continue reading

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Clouds Over Utopia – The Greenland Collectives

Prog rock from Jordan? Count me in! Clouds Over Utopia is a solo project by the very gifted Mohhammed Bilal Al Lahham. It took him 6 YEARS to make this album because he was determined to compose, learn and perform … Continue reading

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Matthew Parmenter – “All Our Yesterdays”

This one of those times that I like the artist but not the release. I really like Matthew Pamenter’s band Discipline. I hadn’t heard any of his solo albums so my expectation was that “All Our Yesterdays” would be along … Continue reading

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Hexvessel – “When We are Death”

Let’s get this out of the way. Hexvessel are a retro band BUT unlike some, they offer a more interesting take on psych rock. Part of the enjoyment of their new album “When We are Death” is the abundance of … Continue reading

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Proud Peasant – “Cosmic Sound” single

Proud Peasant are a VERY talented band. I’ve been a fan since I first heard their debut album “Flight.” They are an old school progressive rock band with a flare for the cinematic element of the genre. “Flight” could have … Continue reading

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Spiritual Beggars – “Sunrise to Sundown”

This is one of those bands and albums that really don’t fit the “prog” label. Their label Inside Out Music are the premiere prog label so that’s the main reason that I even considered this. For those unaware, Spiritual Beggars … Continue reading

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