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Formerly: Host of "Strong PROGress", college radio music program Director of Loud Rock Department WSUM in Madison, WI On-Air Host 105.5 WMMM in Madison, WI Drums/songwriter/vocals Runga Kutta Host "So Jam Good" in Nekoosa, WI

VOLA – “Applause Of A Distant Crowd”

Copenhagen, Denmark’s VOLA has a fantastic sense of groove, the ability to write infectious melodies and creative off-kilter rhythms, tastefully utilized down-tuned guitars, and continue to grow with every recording. Their previous full-length “Inmazes” was once a name-your-price release on … Continue reading

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Revocation – “The Outer Ones”

One could take the hyphenated route and describe the music of Revocation as tech-death-thrash-prog-metal or go the simple route and say extreme metal.  “The Outer Ones” is available September 28th on Metal Blade Records.  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. … Continue reading

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Circles – “The Last One”

After a five years, Circles is back with their sophomore recording “The Last One,” released August 31 on Seasons of Mist records. My exposure to Circles began with a promising EP, “The Compass,” which showcased modern metal in the djent … Continue reading

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A Dying Planet – “Facing The Incurable”

Discussing the release “Facing The Incurable” by A Dying Planet is a challenge. The progressive metal community has come to expect high-level music from musicians Jasun and Troy Tipton (Zero Hour, Cynthesis, Abnormal Thought Patterns). I was eager to review … Continue reading

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Plini – “Sunhead”

For the uninitiated, Plini is a guitar player from Australia. His music is instrumental progressive metal. His EP “Sunhead” to be released on 7/27/018 has touches of smooth jazz, a mellotron, syncopation for days, and production as close to perfect … Continue reading

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Karmic Juggernaut – “The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of”

There are plenty bands who play music that is tough to digest but, after a few full-spins of Karmic Juggernaut’s newest recording “The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of,” I’d have to classify this as more of an acquired taste … Continue reading

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Burial in the Sky – “Creatio Et Hominus”

In the league with Black Crown Initiate, early White Arms of Athena, and Fallujah, I’d label Pennsylvania’s Burial in the Sky Progressive Melodic Death Metal. In my opinion, track one “Nexus” and the last minute of “Tesla” tells the listener … Continue reading

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