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Mark Wingfield – “Tales From The Dreaming City”

My string of reviews covering instrumental albums continues with guitarist Mark Wingfield’s Tales From The Dreaming City. Mr. Wingfield is British, with an established music career, and yet he might have passed under my radar if I wasn’t following his … Continue reading

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Fog Light – “2nd Impression”

Instrumental prog metal is a very well populated sub genre. But it takes a lot of skill to really pull it off. However, skill is a lot more than just being precise and technically adept. How good are the riffs … Continue reading

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Gabriel Lucas Music – “The Dwelling”

EPs such as “The Dwelling” by Gabriel Lucas Music are a sign of the times. An indie artist seeks out the help of more established musicians to bring their music to life. The more established musicians offer their services for … Continue reading

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Tyranny of Hours – “Darkling”

Before getting this album to review, I haven’t heard any music from Tyranny of Hours before. At least, that I recall. But it has been 5 years since the last album and I have listened to A LOT of music … Continue reading

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Fates Warning – “Live Over Europe”

Live albums are always hard for me to review. It’s one thing to be at the show and another to listen to one on an album. It’s all about the energy. Plus I rarely find live versions of songs to … Continue reading

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Burial in the Sky – “Creatio Et Hominus”

In the league with Black Crown Initiate, early White Arms of Athena, and Fallujah, I’d label Pennsylvania’s Burial in the Sky Progressive Melodic Death Metal. In my opinion, track one “Nexus” and the last minute of “Tesla” tells the listener … Continue reading

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The Sea Within – “The Sea Within”

The Sea Within is the latest prog rock supergroup to come along. The band was assembled by Flower Kings guitarist Roine Stolt who immediately brought in Jonas Reingold, also from the Flower Kings, on bass. Stolt added Tom Brislin (former … Continue reading

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