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Magic Pie – “Fragments of the 5th Element”

One of the most consistent bands in prog is Magic Pie. Sure the name is odd but they are prog, right? “Fragments of the 5th Element” continues their tradition of what I call edgy prog rock. Oft times, prog rock … Continue reading

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Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband – “Tor & Vale”

Simplicity in instrumentation does not equate to simplicity in sound. Tor & Vale is an album by Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband. It features Mr. Wingfield on guitar and Mr. Husband on piano. This duo can make an immense sound. … Continue reading

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iamthemorning – “The Bell”

Sad songs are assumed to be sad by definition. Sadness, though, can mask deeper feelings, maintaining a semblance of composure in the face of self-annihilation. iamthemorning’s fourth album, The Bell, is more than its description as a song cycle of … Continue reading

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Richard Henshall – “The Cocoon”

“The Cocoon” is the debut solo album from Haken guitarist Richard Henshall. As with any solo album, one of two options can happen. Either the artist needs to show other sides of their talent or the album is an extension … Continue reading

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Billy Sherwood – “Citizen: In The Next Life”

Billy Sherwood returns with his follow up to 2015’s “Citizen” with a sequel called “Citizen: In The Next Life.” Sherwood is a busy guy as he plays in versions of Yes and Asia, trying to fill the shoes of legends. … Continue reading

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Rob’s Recommendation Roundup: Volume 13

So maybe 13 is an unlucky number after all. It’s been a while since I did one of these columns. I’ve done a few feature reviews but I haven’t heard enough good albums to cull into one of these columns. … Continue reading

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Jolly – “Family”

It’s been 6 years since I last heard anything from (the Incredible?) Jolly. After their promising two part album series “The Audio Guide to Happiness,” the band went the Patreon route (not a route that I am into) to work … Continue reading

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