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Sue’s List Of Some Enjoyed Albums of 2020

  In no order at all…..the only qualifier for this list is that I own a physical copy or a download of the release.   Sólstafir – Endless Twilight Of Codependent LoveJakko M Jakszyk – Secrets & LiesAnna von Hausswolff … Continue reading

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Aleah – “Aleah”

The discovery of PMP introduced me to many artists. When Rob asked me to become a reviewer for the site, my net of musical discovery was cast even wider. This latest album I have for review is from a vocalist … Continue reading

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Zopp – “Zopp”

Music, for many of us, is a stress reliever. It is an enjoyment that uplifts us and resets our mood. It can be an escape to another space, that helps us deal with the real world upon our return. If … Continue reading

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Toundra – “Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari”

One’s discovery of new music is an ongoing process. I have to, nay, must argue with those who say as one gets older as a human that you are less open to new music. That has not been my case … Continue reading

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Sue’s Sweet Sixteen of 2019

My 2019 Sweet Sixteen “best of” studio albums list includes a reissue with new tracks added, because…. This was a great year for music, here are some albums that made an impression with me upon my first listen. Not definitive … Continue reading

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David Kollar “Sculpting in Time”

David Kollar is a guitarist/multi-instrumentalist from Slovakia. While his name might not be one you know, if you have listened to Steven Wilson’s song Detonation or no-man’s tune Love You To Bits (Bit 4), you have heard his amazing guitar … Continue reading

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no-man – “love you to bits”

The core of no-man is Tim Bowness and Steven Wilson. I wasn’t aware of no-man when they were first active. I was led to the duo’s work via my discovery of Steven Wilson’s solo albums in 2013. My favorite no-man … Continue reading

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PH – “Osiris Hayden”

The album Osiris Hayden is the fifth release from the Finnish band that was known as Mr. Peter Hayden, now PH. Osiris was a god in ancient Egypt who was considered the Lord of the Earth, life, death and resurrection. … Continue reading

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The Fierce And The Dead – “Live USA 17”

The Fierce And The Dead traveled far from their home in the UK to play at the RoS Fest in my part of the world, the US. Journeying such a distance to play a gig, you would think the band … Continue reading

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Charlie Cawood – “Blurring Into Motion”

One element that allows many music albums work for me as a whole start-to-finish listening experience is the way they can take me on a journey. For a while I can escape the everyday and sonically travel someplace else, if … Continue reading

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