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The Fierce And The Dead – “Live USA 17”

The Fierce And The Dead traveled far from their home in the UK to play at the RoS Fest in my part of the world, the US. Journeying such a distance to play a gig, you would think the band … Continue reading

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Charlie Cawood – “Blurring Into Motion”

One element that allows many music albums work for me as a whole start-to-finish listening experience is the way they can take me on a journey. For a while I can escape the everyday and sonically travel someplace else, if … Continue reading

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Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband – “Tor & Vale”

Simplicity in instrumentation does not equate to simplicity in sound. Tor & Vale is an album by Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband. It features Mr. Wingfield on guitar and Mr. Husband on piano. This duo can make an immense sound. … Continue reading

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Daniel Tompkins – “Castles”

The voice you’ve heard in the bands TesseracT and White Moth Black Butterfly now has an album bearing his own name. Daniel Tompkins’ solo debut is called Castles. While the term castle may conjure up an image of a fortress, … Continue reading

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Brighteye Brison – “V”

Even with the internet, it still feels rather exotic that much of the music I’ve discovered in the last few years has come from parts of the world other than where I live. Many of these artists have been around … Continue reading

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The Mute Gods – “Atheists and Believers”

Busy would be a good adjective to describe many of the musicians I have discovered in recent years. One of these musicians is Nick Beggs, whose work I have come to know through his performances with Steven Wilson, and he … Continue reading

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Tim Bowness – “Flowers At The Scene”

“Here’s an album for you to review. I know I didn’t even need to ask.” That’s what the boss said. Well, I do wear my fandoms on my sleeve. One of those fandoms is of no-man, Tim Bowness’ project with … Continue reading

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