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The Fierce and The Dead – “The Euphoric”

Does a song need words to set a mood or tell a story? Can instruments without human voices work magic on one’s imagination? Certainly! Think of film soundtracks as an example. The music, along with the visuals, helps to set … Continue reading

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Plenty – “It Could Be Home”

Plenty is the band Tim Bowness left for no-man. This is a record of what could have been. The band released a couple of cassettes in the late 80s. The songs included in this album have been re-recorded and tweaked. … Continue reading

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Mildlife – “Phase”

Phase is the debut album from Melbourne-based band Mildlife. The lead single The Magnificent Moon is the first track on the album and it is a wonderful introduction to this band. On first blush, this song reminded of another Aussie … Continue reading

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Tonochrome – “A Map In Fragments”

My adventure in music discovery continues. Tonochrome is another band I may have not heard of if it wasn’t for the internet. The first mention of the band I saw was via a member of the group of whom I … Continue reading

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Breidablik – “Penumbra”

When I heard the opening track Penumbra Part 1 for the first time, a thought popped into my head, “If Bass Communion and Tangerine Dream had a baby, it might sound like this”. Breidablik is the project of Morton Birkeland … Continue reading

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Nine Skies – “Return Home”

If you are a music nerd such as I am, you tend to have a pretty open mind towards styles of music. That means there is a lot of music out there in the world to discover and listen to. … Continue reading

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Sendelica – “The Cromlech Chronicles II”

Sendelica are a progressive/psychedelic rock band from Wales, and they have been making music as a unit since 2006. They are yet another band that I had never heard of until the ProgBoss offered me a release of theirs to … Continue reading

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