Epica vs. Attack on Titan

So, this is a release that came out last December in Japan but is just now getting a wide release to the rest of the world. Not sure why, given the fairly strong following the show it is based on has in other parts of the world. I guess that is an assumption. But seeing as how it is based on an anime, I guess it does make sense. I’m sure most Epica fans have already heard this or bought it, but for those that haven’t, here we go:
What you have here is an EP of four songs based off of the anime Attack on Titan. I, personally, haven’t gotten around to watching it yet so can’t speak to that part. But I did listen to the tracks I could find of the originals online to see how these covers stack up. A little surprised to find that the originals sound like they were written with Epica in mind. So it really makes sense that the band would cover these if they were going to cover anything. I watched the videos on the background for this EP and found it a little humorous when the band talked about reworking the songs for the Epica sound as the songs already sounded like Epica wrote them. Guess it made the job that much easier.
We start off with Crimson Bow and Arrow, which is already released as a single. Check it out below. This is pure Epica but doesn’t really do anything different from what they have done in the past. I could do without the Inception style “Woooommmmpppp!” at the beginning. At this point it has been so overused in movie trailers and a lot of trailer music releases in general. Thought it was cool the first time I heard it, but now it just tires me. The growls add a little something extra here over the original.
Next up, Wings of Freedom, is another rocking Epica track. I love Simone’s voice and she does a fantastic job as usual, but the growls help this one get to that next level here. But man… there is a voiceover that has a pound of melted Velveeta poured over it. Makes me cringe a little bit.
I’m not sure what to do with If Inside These Walls Was A House. It has a god awful Full-on Disney/Broadway show tune start that makes me cringe, again, every time I hear it. The full band kicks in half way through and that helps some. The chorus at this point is really good. Thankfully, there is an instrumental version of this song on this release as well, which I much prefer. Never thought I would say that about a song sung by Simone. But this isn’t her fault. Some out there may like it, but it’s not for me. And this coming from someone who loves the Phantasma release, The Deviant Hearts.
Finally, we have a fast paced rocker in Dedicate Your Heart!. Another great Epica tune with a fantastic use of the choir. This one edges out the others as my favorite on this EP.
The same four songs are delivered again in instrumental versions (with choir) to close things out. Enjoyed listening to these. But sadly, the cheddar voiceover appears again in the instrumental version of Wings of Freedom. Oh well.
If you are an Epica fan, as I am (I loved The Holographic Principle as well as their back catalogue), this is one you should have in your collection. As well as for anyone who is a fan of the show for which it is based. For others, if you haven’t listened to Epica before… maybe start with The Holographic Principle or Design Your Universe.
If this EP were just the four main tracks, I would probably rate it about a 7-7.5. But as it stands, I think it is a solid 8.
Rating: 8/10
1. “Crimson Bow and Arrow” 5:42
2. “Wings of Freedom”  5:34
3. “If Inside These Walls Was a House”  3:43
4. “Dedicate Your Heart!”    5:40
5. “Crimson Bow and Arrow” (instrumental version)  5:42
6. “Wings of Freedom” (instrumental version)   5:33
7. “If Inside These Walls Was a House” (instrumental version)  3:43
8. “Dedicate Your Heart!” (instrumental version)  5:40
Label: Nuclear Blast
Release Date: 20 July 2018
Website: www.epica.nl
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1 Response to Epica vs. Attack on Titan

  1. Aiman Achim says:

    Good review. Well I just recently enjoyed this EP. It is amazing. Repeating the album all day to get that adrenaline rush while doing daily works.

    And if you not yet watch the Attack on Titan series, go watch it. I highly recommend it.

    I wrote about this on my blog. Check it out whenever feel like it.

    Anyway, thanks for recommending Epica album that I should listen as a new fans. Cheers!

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