About the site

My name is Rob. Many people know me as ProgManRob. This website supplements the things that I post to the Facebook page which is always the primary source for everything I do.  I am also the host of Progressive Music Planet, a weekly radio show on Metal World Radio that highlights the best of progressive metal and progressive rock. Music ranges from the well known bands to the up and coming new bands.

This site is designed to review all the new releases that I have been lucky enough to hear, whether sent to me by labels or bands. Also, I review releases that I have purchased myself (I buy A LOT of music) that I want people to know about. These reviews will hopefully be helpful to the reader and not be like many sites that are more worried about winning a Noble Prize Peace for Literature than getting to the fucking point of whether YOU should buy the album or not!

My goal on all of my sites are to bring the music to the fans that will love and support it. It’s like a Prog matchmaker! I have a very broad definition of Prog. For me, Prog can overlap MANY other subgenres including death metal, folk, post rock, black metal, extreme metal and so many more.

I have three people who contribute:

  • Susan (madvinyl)
  • Ryan (strongPROGress)
  • Jason  (thenihilistchamber)

I brought them because I trust their opinions as much as I trust my own. They know progressive music. However, most of what you see here is me because it’s my site. Cristina(cristinasomcutean) now has her own site, Musicality Unlimited, which I highly recommend everyone check out!

In addition to progressive rock and progressive metal, we also cover other subgenres that fit the progressive label: post metal, post rock, avant garde, tech death metal, symphonic rock, symphonic metal, atmospheric metal, black metal and more. You are sure to find something here that you should check out!


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