About the site

My name is Rob. This website was intended to supplement the things that I post to the Facebook page which is always the primary source for everything I do.  I am the host of Progressive Music Planet, a weekly radio show on Metal World Radio that highlights the best of progressive metal and progressive rock. Music ranges from the well known bands to the up and coming new bands.  The show is Sundays at 10am Eastern Time, 3pm UK. It is replayed on Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio on Tuesdays at 8pm Eastern Time.

While the Facebook page WILL carry on as will the radio show, this site is going to wind down. I am getting out of the music review business because, to be quite honest, I don’t like writing reviews. I never have. The whole point of PMP is to recommend music (new and old) to people that might enjoy it. I don’t think writing a subjective 4-5 paragraph is necessary to do that.

Music reviews have made me listen to new music in a way that I do not look forward to. It’s a method of snap judgement that causes me to dread listening to new music. With that, I will be doing some posts to this website for things that do not fit in other places. News and promotions and other columns will continue here!

I want to thank all of the folks that have reviewed music for this website. It’s time for a change here at the PMP website.


2 Responses to About the site

  1. Doug says:

    Been listening to your radio show for a while now on DA and really like it but it’s missing one thing… a playlist! Seriously, I listen while at work and if I hear something new that I like, but wasn’t near the radio when you were doing a voice over, I have no where to look and find out who I’m listening to. So please consider posting a show list in the future (unless you already do and I’m just inept at finding it). Thanks and keep up the good work.


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