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Gentle Knife – “The Clock Unwound”

I always find it refreshing listening to a band that aims to sound different on every track, and I usually applaud artists willing to take this risk even if the results don’t always pan out. Gentle Knife takes this varied … Continue reading

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Amarok – “Hunt”

Amarok is the prog project of Polish multi-instrumentalist Michał Wojtas. What caught my attention about this album was that Mariusz Duda of Riverside provides vocals on a track, “Idyll.” Needless to say, that track is worth the price of admission … Continue reading

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Dreadnaught – “Hard Chargin'”

Dreadnaught have been around a long time, yet they have never been able to gain the following that a band of their talent deserves. “Hard Chargin’” goes a long way to both showcase their talent and even explain why they … Continue reading

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Arcadea – “Arcadea”

I was really looking forward to the self titled debut from Arcadea, the side project of Mastodon’s Brann Dailor. I love Mastodon and Dailor is a huge talent. The good news is that Dailor does showcase his talents on this … Continue reading

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Ghost Toast – “Out of This World”

I can’t recall the last time that I ran across an album so wildly inconsistent as “Out of This World” by Ghost Toast. Before getting into that, I need to point out how terrible the band’s name is. Are we … Continue reading

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Djam Karet – “Sonic Celluloid”

There are bands that have been around for a while that I’ve always meant to check out but for whatever reason, just keep forgetting to do so. Djam Karet was one of those bands. I checked out their 2013 single … Continue reading

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