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Slug Comparison – “IIb”

Slug Comparison is the solo project from Doug Harrison of Fen (the Canadian prog band). “IIb” is the third release from this project with “IIa” also being an EP. This two track EP is a tribute to Doug’s late friend … Continue reading

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Edguy – “Monuments”

Compilations are a tricky situation. A band wants to release something that not only might attract new fans but also be something that existing fans will want to buy as well. Edguy has been around quite a while now and … Continue reading

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The Jelly Jam – “Profit”

The Jelly Jam are made up of some of my favorite musicians. I love Dream Theater, King’s X and the Dixie Dregs. And yes even Winger! This is the fourth album together for Ty Tabor, John Myung and Rod Morgenstein … Continue reading

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Solarhall – “Lokus”

Finland’s Solarhall have released their debut album “Lokus” and it’s a case of a new band still looking for a firm identity. There are certainly some influences which is fine but the bigger issue is that stylistically, Solarhall are a … Continue reading

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Astronoid – “Air”

Astronoid call their style of music “thrashgaze.” It’s one of the most accurate descriptions I have ever read. They are like Alcest jamming with Revocation. Take all of the technical prowess of a thrash band and merge them with the … Continue reading

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Kindler – “Cosmic Revelations”

Kindler are a band from North Carolina that bill themselves as experimental. I don’t really hear anything experimental about “Cosmic Revelations” at all. Perhaps some of the approaches the band takes vocally could be called “risky” but this album is … Continue reading

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Myrath – “Legacy”

I don’t know any other band from Tunisia and maybe that’s one reason I am so drawn to Myrath. Technically Myrath is labeled as Franco-Tunisian but the sound has a distinct Arabian vibe to it. I’ve also seen it called … Continue reading

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