The Fierce And The Dead – “Live USA 17”

BEM077 - The Fierce And The Dead - Live USA 17 - album cover

The Fierce And The Dead traveled far from their home in the UK to play at the RoS Fest in my part of the world, the US.

Journeying such a distance to play a gig, you would think the band would be inclined to give it their all, yes?

Oh, yeah! They sure did! What a fun listen this show is.

Lead track 1991 has a driving energy and is a great set opener. It’s the soundtrack to a car chase scene and sets the tone for the rest of the set. Hearing this band’s music has always invoked video game and film soundtracks in my mind. TFATD are an instrumental band, so you can attach whatever story to their songs you would like.

Even the spacey, psychedelic track Andy Fox has a propulsion behind it. A nice mid-set showcase of the band’s range of musical styles. The Wait is a track that features harmonics and has the band catching their breath a bit before launching into the spirited tune Truck.

Check out the video link below to see the band play the last track in this set, Parts 7 and 8.

If you live in the UK, you can catch the band live and feel the energy in person.. Follow the Bandcamp link below to see the dates.

This lively set of tunes is a great introduction to the group. The Fierce And The Dead are a band who are deserving of wider recognition. Give the music a listen and be social with it!

Rating: 9/10

1. 1991
2. Let’s Start A Cult
3. Flint
4. Spooky Action
5. Andy Fox
6. I Like It, I’m Into It
7. The Wait
8. Truck
9. Parts 7 and 8

Recorded live at RoSFest, 7th May 2017, at the Majestic Theater, Gettysburg, PA.

The band:
Matt Stevens – guitar and noises
Steve Cleaton – guitar and other noises
Kev Feazey – bass
Stuart Marshall – drums

Release Date: October 4, 2019
Label: Bad Elephant Music

Band Website:

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