Lost Crowns – “Every Night Something Happens”

bem065 - lost crowns - every night something happens album cover

I’m not a musician, though I can create some noises with a couple of instruments. So I usually talk about how music sounds to me in ways that are not explained in very technical music terms but rather how the music makes me feel or reminds me of a thing.

Here’s an album that made me work for a way to describe it. A musician might talk about the interesting time signatures or the rhythms but I am not knowledgeable enough do that.

Let’s get started then.

Richard Larcombe, of the duo Stars In Battledress, assembled a supergoup of musicians to create this album, Lost Crowns’ debut.

The Lost Crowns sound is unique to me! Rather timeless while hinting at what has proceeded before. I am reminded of Gentle Giant and Camel at times.

It took me a few plays, but I found the complexity of the sounds a rewarding listen.

Lead track Handmaid’s Knees starts with a electronic tonality and goes into some complex progressive rock – sounding rhythms.

Another track, Dandy Doesn’t Know, sounds like a song from another era, in gentle folky way.

My favorite track on the album is Let Loving Her Be Everything. It sounds like music from another era at times, perhaps something from the Middle Ages or the Renaissance – much of the album invokes the idea that the songs come from a tradition based in this ancient timeframe.

Listening to Every Night Something Happens might require some music fans to let their expectation guard down, loosen their ears and let the music flow.

In this age of brief attention spans and hot takes, some music requires the listener to work a bit more to hear what is going on.

It may take other listeners a bit of effort to be patient with this music, but it is worth the time invested.

If you are a fan of progressive or psychedelic rock I suggest checking this release out.

Rating: 8/10

Release date: January 25, 2019


1. Housemaid’s Knees
2. Lost Crowns
3. Sound As Colour
4. Midas X-Ray
5. She Saved Me
6. Dandy Doesn’t Know
7. Let Loving Her Be Everything
8. The Star Of My Heart

The players:

Nicola Baigent – clarinet, bass clarinet, recorder
Charlie Cawood – bass guitar
Sharron Fortnam – vocals
Keepsie – drums, handbells
Richard Larcombe – lead vocal, guitar, handbells
Rhodri Marsden – piano, harmonium, electric piano, bassoon, saw, harpsichord, vocals
Josh Perl – synthesiser, vocals, handbells

All songs written, arranged and produced by Richard Larcombe

The links:

Bandcamp: https://lostcrowns.bandcamp.com/album/every-night-something-happens
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostcrowns/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lostcrowns
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lostcrownsofficial/

The video:


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