Thrailkill – “Everything That Is You”

Instrumental progressive metal trios are everywhere!  


thrailkillHow does one decide to listen to fresh new music or sit on your ass waiting for the new Animals as Leaders?  The new recording by Thrailkill (a band which was once called Mammoth and has recorded a handful of CDs before changing their name) – namesake of guitarist Wes Thrailkill – deserves your attention for a number of reasons.

“Everything That Is You” takes the listener on a journey.  When Mario would go underground for level 1-2 you were still playing Super Mario Brothers but you were on a different level, while on a continuous journey.  That’s how I feel listening to this. The tracks are all separate entities but part of a larger whole.

There is a recurring melodic theme that ties this CD together for which I give extra props.  It is first played by guest Ryan Cho on viola on track one and the melody comes back no less than two more times  It is one thing to write fantastic music but to thematically tie the tracks together takes extra forethought and consideration and it kicks my appreciation up a notch.

Plenty of rhythmic diversity and odd time signatures can be found on this CD and drummer Lang Zhao handles all the changes with ease. Yas Nomura plays brilliant basslines on “Everything’s” that reminds me of Jaco Pastorius. “Gone” reminds me of The Aristocrats and you know that is a compliment.

I am pleased to report the prog-metal found within is an instrumental evolution of the Haken/White Arms of Athena/Dream Theater/Between the Buried and Me species as opposed to the djentier flavor which is currently wearing out its welcome on my ears.

Another gripping attribute is the fact that by the time track 8 has expired, I want to start at track 1 again to figure out how the hell I got from tracks 1 to 8.  

37 minutes isn’t very long but I don’t feel short-changed; this seems to be the exact right amount of music.  I suggest you put this in your ear holes and start 2019 off with some engaging instrumental progressive metal post haste.

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Consciously        1:18
  2. Aware            5:30
  3. Before            4:27
  4. Everything’s        5:13
  5. Gone            9:54
  6. Affirmation        2:07
  7. Interquaalude        4:34
  8. Everything That is You    4:08


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