Jasun Martz – “Solo Exhibition – A Retrospective: The Pillory”

511tYM0opMLOriginally released in 1978, “The Pillory” was the 42 minute experiment by the multi-talented Jasun Martz. Now all these years later it is part of a box set covering the many different works of this eclectic composer and artist. All of Martz’s compositions are challenging it would seem. I tried my hand at a few of the discs and he does whatever he wants for sure. “The Pillory” was the one piece that I needed to explore.

First off, it’s a piece written for the mellotron along with other instruments and also a full orchestra (including Eddie Jobson, Paul Whitehead, Ruth Underwood and 40 others). If you are expecting something traditionally prog, you are in for a shock. Well you are in for many. This is a 42 minute journey that honestly was one of the scariest sounding pieces of music this side of Scott Walker. In fact, if Martz and Walker to join up, the world will be a very scary place.

The track evokes so many emotions while never doing anything overtly traditional. Sure the orchestra, specifically Jobson’s violin, is somewhat traditional sounding. But since Jobson and Martz played with Frank Zappa, this music is definitely more along the lines of “what would Frank do.” It’s not background music, and in fact you might not survive the whole thing in one sitting (or two!). “The Pillory” is one of the most challenging things that I’ve listened to, without a doubt.


The question is do I recommend it? That’s difficult. I am not sure how often that I am physically capable of listening to this piece. It’s THAT epic and that avant garde. It’s definitely more like a piece of art than a standard piece of music. So if you do want a challenge, be prepared. You’ve been warned. Check out, a man who is more than just a musician on Jasun Martz -“Solo Exhibition – A Retrospective.”

To purchase this CD, and the rest of this box set: https://www.amazon.com/Solo-Exhibition-Retrospective-Jasun-Martz/dp/B01N5CNQEF/ref=sr_1_2?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1503091406&sr=1-2&keywords=jasun+martz


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