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Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra – “Legacy Of The Dark Lands”

In addition to progressive metal and rock, one of my favorite types of music are dramatic film scores. And in that realm, one of my all time favorite groups is Two Steps From Hell, as they are one of the … Continue reading

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The Fierce and The Dead – “The Euphoric”

Does a song need words to set a mood or tell a story? Can instruments without human voices work magic on one’s imagination? Certainly! Think of film soundtracks as an example. The music, along with the visuals, helps to set … Continue reading

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Traun – “The Lilac Moon,” “The Black Metal Princess” and “Escape from Spa Nine”

For all intents and purposes, the trilogy of releases from Traun called “The Lilac Moon,” “The Black Metal Princess” and “Escape from Spa Nine” make up three parts of a full album. Each of them are roughly 20 minutes long … Continue reading

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Hypno5e/A Backward Glance on a Travel Road – “Alba – Les Ombres Errantes”

Prog bands should take left turns from time to time. It’s what makes them “progressive.” The last album by French band Hypno5e was insane. “Shores of the Abstract Line” was epic, atmospheric and over the top. So how could they … Continue reading

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Therion – “Beloved Antichrist”

What is 46 songs in length and clocks in at 182 minutes and 26 seconds? Why yes, it’s the new Therion album, “Beloved Antichrist.” This album is the definition of massive. Three acts split across three discs, making an epic … Continue reading

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Patrick Grant – “A Sequence of Waves (twelve stories and a dream)”

There are people who have pure talent. I think regardless of what they do, it comes through. Art, music, poetry. Patrick Grant is one of those people. I had heard his music as part of the “Titled Axes” project which … Continue reading

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