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Rank ‘Em: Voivod studio albums

Voivod is one of my all-time favorite bands. A discussion with my good friends Russ and Rod led me to decide it was time to try to rank Voivod’s studio albums. I knew this would be hard since I love … Continue reading

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Howling Sycamore – “Howling Sycamore”

Just when you thought all the great band names have been taken, along comes supergroup Howling Sycamore! When I learned that the band was made up of former Watchtower vocalist Jason McMaster and ex-Obscura drummer Hannes Grossmann, I couldn’t wait … Continue reading

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Mark Deutrom – “The Silent Treatment”

Reviewing re-issues isn’t something I do very often. One reason to take a look at the debut album “The Silent Treatment” from ex-Melvins bassist Mark Deutrom is that I love (the) Melvins. Granted they go thru bassists like Spinal Tap … Continue reading

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Diablo Swing Orchestra – “Pacifisticuffs”

The line between clever and cheesy is a narrow one. There are bands like Therion who (for whatever reason) walk that line every single release and never seem to fuck up. I love Therion which might surprise some. Then there’s … Continue reading

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A Special Conversation with Hamlet of Transport Aerian on his new album “Therianthrope”

I’ve had a very interesting friendship with Hamlet of Transport Aerian. I’ve definitely not loved his music all the time but I am always honest with him and he is quite the same in return. He asked me to take … Continue reading

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Wingfield Reuter Sirkis – “Lighthouse”

Somewhere between the frightening world of improvisation and the comforting sea of structured prog stands the “Lighthouse.” This thrilling hour of music was generated by the trio of guitarist Mark Wingfield, drummer Asaf Sirkis and touch guitar genius Markus Reuter. … Continue reading

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