Pinn Dropp – “Re: Verse, Re: Treat, Re:Unite”

Poland’s Pinn Dropp fit nicely into the modern prog realm that has been created and grown by bands like Riverside, Kingcrow, Anubis Gate and many others. So while Pinn Dropp aren’t necessary doing anything ground breaking, they do sound as good as many of these contemporaries. “Re: Verse, Re: Treat, Re:Unite” is their debut EP and other than the clunky title, it’s a great listen.

The EP has two long tracks and one short one. This combination is a good showcase for the soaring vocals, crunchy riffs and overall dynamics that Pinn Dropp have to offer. While I think the songs are definitely great for a first outing, clearly a new band have things that they can work on and tighten up. Transitions could be smoother, vocals could be a tad stronger at times. But these are natural things for any new band.

The bottom line is that Pinn Dropp do have a bright future based on what is on “Re: Verse, Re: Treat, Re:Unite.” They walk the prog rock/prog metal line nicely and have the chops to pull it off. They also have a great sense of melody which is bound to serve them well in the future.

Rating: 8/10

1. Cyclothymia
2. Unresolved
3. Kingdom of Silence


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