Caravela Escarlate – “Caravela Escarlate”

6756179Can a band from Brazil be considered Rock Progressivo Italiano? I suppose technically they cannot. But it’s clear when listening to the self titled debut by Caravela Escarlate that they very much have RPI running through their veins. This album would not sound at all out of place in 1973 or 1974.

This is not an imitation no more than when Wobbler or Astra do the same thing. Rather this is a band that lives and breathes the true classic prog sound. Do you love vintage keyboards as much as I do? If so, “Um Brilho Frágil No Infinito” is a good way for an album to start for someone like you. Keyboardist Ronaldo Rodrigues has a MYRIAD of sounds that will delight you. Vocalist David Paiva also supplies the bass and guitars. His vocals are solid but not spectacular. Drummer Elcio Cáfaro is outstanding as well.

But there’s no doubt the keyboards steal the show here. “Atmosfera” is amazing. The whole band shines but Rodrigues absolutely goes wild! I really love the keys on “Toque As Constelações” along with the guitar work by Paiva. It sounds like late night FM music from the mid 70s. Paiva’s bass work on “Futuro Passado” is top notch.

The album finishes strong with the space rocker “Cosmos” which is something I would expect from Zombi and then the epic closing track “Planeta-Estrela.” I do love bands that finish with their longest track, a nice 11 and half minute track that shows off all the things that Caravela Escarlate does well.

It’s great that there are bands out there that understand what classic progressive rock is all about. This is not a tribute nor is it an estimation. Caravela Escarlate know what prog is and know how to play it. Their self title debut is a must for those of you who love a beautiful, organic prog sound.

Rating: 8.5/10


1. Um Brilho Frágil No Infinito
2. Caravela Escarlate
3. Atmosfera
4. Gigantes Da Destruição
5. Toque As Constelações
6. Futuro Passado
7. Cosmos
8. Planeta-Estrela


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  1. Great review Rob, sounds right up my particular alley!

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