Therion – “Beloved Antichrist”

Therion - Beloved Antichrist - ArtworkWhat is 46 songs in length and clocks in at 182 minutes and 26 seconds? Why yes, it’s the new Therion album, “Beloved Antichrist.” This album is the definition of massive. Three acts split across three discs, making an epic rock opera. Literally of course since Therion incorporates operatic vocals with metal. The album is the first bit of new Therion music since 2010’s “Sitra Ahra,” though they did release an album of French pop cover songs “Les Fleurs du Mal” in 2012.

So yes, I was starting to wonder if and when Christofer Johnsson would have some new material for a Therion album. It turns out he has three albums worth right here. I’ve always said that double concept albums are a dicey affair. Most are littered with filler to stretch them out to be double albums. “Beloved Antichrist” goes well beyond that with three very FULL albums. So how much filler is there?

Honestly, there really isn’t any. Having additional time may be the answer but whatever it is, Johnsson was clearly ready for this album and wrote a LOT of great music. The main issue is that length. It’s hard to sit through 3 hours of ONE album. I listen to a LOT of music as you can probably guess and I couldn’t pull it off in one listening session.

This is NOT a criticism of the album. Honestly, it’s great that in this day and age of what seems like the death of the album that Therion make one of the longest studio albums that I can think of. The music is great and of course the vocals are stellar. If you don’t mind the vocals of course, because I am sure there are plenty of people who find the mix of pure operatic vocals and metal to be a bizarre mix!

The production and mix of “Beloved Antichrist” is pristine! There are so many instruments and vocals on this album and yet you can hear every single thing separate from everything else. One thing I was struck by through out is the bass guitar. It sounds AMAZING. You can HEAR the BASS GUITAR! And it’s an amazing performance by Nalle Påhlsson!!

As far as the plot/story goes, I have very little grasp on it. Part of the issue is the length of the album, the other part is I have no lyric sheet yet! Favorite tracks: “Turn From Heaven” is sets the tone of the album well, “Jewels From Afar” is a stand out track, “Temple Of New Jerusalem” is another favorite. There are more but there’s so much to this album, it’s going to take a long time to really grasp it fully. And that is AWESOME.

I could go on and on but I’ll let the album do that. If you are a Therion fan, you are going to LOVE “Beloved Antichrist.” If you are not familiar with the band, the album might be a bit much for you. Unless of course you are someone who loves a good challenge in your music (like I do). “Beloved Antichrist” is Christofer Johnsson’s masterpiece. That’s not to say he hasn’t written other great albums. “Beloved Antichrist” takes everything that Therion has done to this point to a completely different level.

Rating: 10/10


Act I
1. Turn From Heaven
2. Where Will You Go?
3. Through Dust, Through Rain
4. Signs Are Here
5. Never Again
6. Bring Her Home
7. The Solid Black Beyond
8. The Crowning Of Splendour
9. Morning Has Broken
10. Garden Of Peace
11. Our Destiny
12. Anthem
13. The Palace Ball
14. Jewels From Afar
15. Hail Caesar!
16. What Is Wrong?
17. Nothing But My Name

Act II
1. The Arrival Of Apollonius
2. Pledging Loyalty
3. Night Reborn
4. Dagger Of God
5. Temple Of New Jerusalem
6. The Lions Roar
7. Bringing The Gospel
8. Laudate Dominum
9. Remaining Silent
10. Behold Antichrist
11. Cursed By The Fallen
12. Resurrection
13. To Where I Weep
14. Astral Sophia
15. Thy Will Be Done!

1. Shoot Them Down!
2. Beneath The Starry Skies
3. Forgive Me
4. The Wasteland Of My Heart
5. Burning The Palace
6. Prelude To War
7. Day Of Wrath
8. Rise To War
9. Time Has Come/Final Battle
10. My Voyage Carries On
11. Striking Darkness
12. Seeds Of Time
13. To Shine Forever
14. Theme Of Antichrist

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 2 February 2018

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  1. Aris says:

    has it been released yet? where can I find it?

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