Breidablik – “Penumbra”


When I heard the opening track Penumbra Part 1 for the first time, a thought popped into my head, “If Bass Communion and Tangerine Dream had a baby, it might sound like this”.

Breidablik is the project of Morton Birkeland Nielsen, whose work is said to be influenced by the Berlin School of electronic music (of which Tangerine Dream could be considered a member). Mr. Nielsen is from Norway, which I think helps brings a unique angle to his sound.

These kind of sonics would do well in soundtracking the thoughts in my mind as I astral travel in the midnight hour. Perhaps there are shadows there?

Wild landscapes are invoked here. Penumbra Part 2 sounds like what a windy night in a meadow might be like – or perhaps a travel through space?

One of the blessings of instrumental music is it can be opened up to a wider interpretation of feeling than music with lyrics. This is certainly true with Penumbra.

If you are a fan of synths and electronic sounds, I believe you will enjoy this album.

Open your mind and let the music flow through. It will take you on a journey.

Rating: 9/10

Available now


1. Penumbra Part One
2. Penumbra Part Two
3. Nehalennia
4. The Chariots of the Sun


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