Charlie Cawood – The Divine Abstract


Mr. Cawood is best know to me as the bass player for the psychedelic rock band Knifeworld. He plays in a host of other ensembles as well.

On his album The Divine Abstract, the musician takes the sound of that band and stretches it into the world of spiritual jazz. (Think of Alice Coltrane’s work.)

There are connections between progressive rock, psychedelic rock and spiritual jazz for me. All are attempts to break free from the main genre they they are associated with, all attempt to raise music to another level. They all can crossover each other as well. (Like Pink Floyd – in my mind at least!)

What I hear in The Divine Abstract are all those genres with Middle Eastern and Indian influences. Perhaps because of the instrumentation involved, but I believe that the aforementioned styles are rooted in the older traditions of the latter two.

Mr. Cawood blends it all beautifully. The music gently drew me and had me focus on it. This is stop and relax your mind music. Stop and expand your senses music. Stop and sit and listening to the whole album music. It was a wonderful listen, a sonic journey.

He plays a host of stringed instruments with skill on this recording. Every tone in its right place. My favorite track is the guitar-driven In A Floating World. Open your state of mind (as the t-shirt says) and let the sound flow through you.

Rating: 10/10

1. Shringara
2. The Divine Abstract: Echolalia
3. The Divine Abstract: The Earth’s Answer
4. The Divine Abstract: Fearful Symmetry
5. The Divine Abstract: The Western Lands
6. Earth Dragon: The Golden Flower
7. Earth Dragon: An Invisible Landscape
8. Earth Dragon: Origin Of A New Being
9. Garden Of The Mind
10. The 32nd Path
11. In A Floating World
12. Apotheosis

Label: Bad Elephant Music
Release date: 3 November, 2017

Charlie Cawood: acoustic, electric & classical guitars, Fender VI, acoustic & electric bass guitars, sitar, pipa

Mr. Cawood is assisted by many other musicians on this recording.


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