Dolcetti – “Arriver”

0008401038_10Whimsical yet serious, melodically surprising and rhythmically challenging are the phrases that immediately come to mind while listening to the sophmore recording of Italy’s Dolcetti, entitled “Arriver.”

The guitar stylings of Gianni Rojatti, to my ears, are steeped in the world of Steve Vai. The drums of Erik Tulissio are groovy and syncopated with nods to the world of djent, including Animals as Leaders. There are many more sounds to be found beside guitar and drums including synths and samples.

The lead guitar lines of tracks 1 and 3 totally sceam of the Vai influence, but I say this as a compliment. This isn’t a rip off and these guitar acrobatics are not easy. No melodic ideas seem to be off the table. The dual guitar and synth-chime lines are fun as hell. Track 3 turns right into Track 4 creating somewhat of a suite. And of course with Vai there are Zappa flavors, but then a techo section pops in for a moment, and then odd-meter rock and roll shows up (11/8 anyone?).

I just noticed 7 of 8 tracks clock in at 3:34. Track 6 gives me funk-face. Having been a Vai guy since Passion and Warefare came out, I love hearing his influence on creative musicians like Dolcetti. I’m also hearing some Guthrie Govanisms which is always welcome. This is a great amalgam of “shred” era guitar and contemporary instrumental metal but it’s all done with taste, energy, and lots of fun. My only complaint is that there aren’t more tracks!

Rating: 8/10

1. Cellulare in bagno 03:34
2. Un dito due estati 03:34
3. Idea effe 03:34
4. Esorcismo & Tagliatelle 03:34
5. Figablast 00:34
6. Tutto finito troia 03:34
7. Lingua verde di Prosecco 03:34
8. Corri, corri bambina 03:34


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  1. Just looked them up on Spotify. There seems to be another album where all the tracks are 3:33. Interesting limitation to impose.


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