Nosound – “Scintilla”

nosoundI’ve tried getting into Nosound for a number of years now. The problem that I’ve had with the band is there are really little dynamics to what they do. It’s VERY low key art rock and the songs are often sparse when it comes to the arrangement. The closest I got to really enjoying a Nosound album was “Afterthoughts” which included ex-Porcupine Tree drummer Chris Maitland. Nosound are definitely influenced by early Porcupine Tree, specifically band leader Giancarlo Erra.

The main problem is that Erra is no Steven Wilson. While he pushes Nosound toward a modern post-prog style, he is a very average vocalist and because of that the melody lines are quite one dimensional at times. “Scintilla” loses what little momentum that “Afterthoughts” might have had. This is a very slow, somewhat dull album that gets rather boring by the time you hit “Sogno e Incendio” which is a rare song in Erra native Italian.

Yes Erra loves to write about melancholia like Wilson does and yes he tries the somewhat cinematic approach. But while Wilson writes a blockbuster movie, Erra is barely a low budge indie film. It’s fine if you are willing to take the time and have the patience to search for the beauty in each track but to be fair, if you have to work THAT hard to find something about Nosound that you enjoy, you’re probably should look elsewhere.

“Scintilla” is my third attempt to get into Nosound and I need to stop forcing the issue. Sometimes we just don’t connect with a band we think we SHOULD connect with. But if you like a very watered down early Porcupine Tree mixed in with No-Man, you might enjoy “Scintilla.” But if you are expecting Erra to suddenly be more like his hero Steven Wilson, you should probably move on like I am.

Rating: 4/10

1. Short Story
2. Last Lunch
3. Little Man
4. In Celebration of Life
5. Sogno e Incendio
6. Emily
7. The Perfect Wife
8. Love is Forever
9. Evil Smile
10. Scintilla

Label: Kscope

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