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Soen – “Lykaia”

I’m somehow stuck in a love-hate relationship with Spotify. Most of the time, I hate that Spotify starts playing any kind of similar music based on the playlist I’m currently listening to, but a couple of weeks ago, Spotify started … Continue reading

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Interview with Julien Sournac of Wolve

After returning from Wolve’s very first European tour, frontman Julien Sournac talked to Progressive Music Planet about the writing and recording process of their latest EP “Lazare” as well as the band’s experiences on tour and future projects. What were … Continue reading

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Wolve – “Lazare” EP

Founded as a one man project which eventually evolved into a band, Wolve don’t only create music – they create experiences. Their debut album “Sleepwalker”, which depicts the journey of a dream, is absolutely stunning and the mix of organic … Continue reading

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Marcela Bovio – “Unprecedented”

Vocalist and violinist Marcela Bovio is often associated with progressive music: She is the frontwoman of the symphonic progressive metal band Stream of Passion (the band is currently on their final tour) and collaborated with bands such as Ayreon, The … Continue reading

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Live Review: Negură Bunget, Waldgeflüster & support @ Backstage Club Munich, Germany 15th October 2016

I have never witnessed the Backstage concert area as busy as yesterday afternoon. All three venues were housing shows: Tarja played in the biggest venue, the “Werk”, Equilibrium played a sold-out show in the “Halle” and Negură Bunget and Waldgeflüster … Continue reading

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French prog rockers WOLVE to tour Europe in October and November

Rooted in alternative rock and progressive music, Wolve is a “wild pack” with an instinctive approach and performance. Wolve‘s debut album, “Sleepwalker”, has been praised by the media (Music Waves, Neoprog, CORE & CO, Album Rock, French-metal, Progradar etc.) In 2015, Wolve … Continue reading

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Negură Bunget – “ZI”

What do you associate with Romania? If the answer is Dracula, then let me tell you that there is much more to this country. The Romanian culture is rich in ancient traditions differing from region to region, some of them … Continue reading

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Epica – “The Holographic Principle”

When it comes to Epica and their music, people seem to either love them or they can’t stand them – I actually don’t fall into any of these categories. Trying to understand the hype about the Dutch symphonic metal band … Continue reading

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Temperance – “The Earth Embraces Us All”

I’m trying to figure out why people still listen to symphonic power prog in 2016. Ever since some bands released great music in this genre during the 2000s, many others have been trying to imitate them ever since. Temperance look … Continue reading

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Darkher – “Realms”

It’s very common that people find comfort in darkness, and I am no exception. But this is also close-knit to (one of) my problem(s): I’m a sucker for any kind of music labeled as dark, gothic, ambient and possibly female … Continue reading

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