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Kadavar – “For The Dead Travel Fast”

¬†With Halloween coming up, it’s that time of year that I delve deeper into my love of horror than the rest of the year (more R’lyeh than Mariana Trench level deep). So when I heard Kadavar was coming out with … Continue reading

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Goatess – “Blood and Wine”

There’s something so nice about falling down the Bandcamp rabbit hole and coming out with several new bands to listen to. Goatess was one of those discoveries, so when Rob approached me about reviewing their latest album, it was an … Continue reading

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Top 20 of 2018 – The Chris Edition

When I was asked to make a list of my top twenty albums from 2018, I was a bit worried that there wouldn’t be enough that I liked to fill out the list. Probably because this year seems like it … Continue reading

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The Vintage Caravan – “Gateways”

If there are two genres that have consistently held my attention (and my heart) throughout the years, it is stoner and psychedelic rock. So when The Vintage Caravan’s fourth studio album was offered to me, well… Color me very excited. … Continue reading

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Earthless – “Black Heaven”

Earthless have been one of the best instrumental bands that you might not know of. The band have recorded albums with 20 minute psychedelic jams that flat out ROCK. They have only featured vocals once in the past and it … Continue reading

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The Atlas Moth – “Coma Noir”

The Atlas Moth are one of those bands that there are times I really like and other times I wonder if I am out of my mind for listening to them. They are heavy and very much along the lines … Continue reading

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Fu Manchu – “Clone of the Universe”

I know what you’re thinking. Fu Manchu on a prog site?? Well hang on there. First off, I’ve loved this band since 1999’s “King of the Road.” They have that desert rock sound that Kyuss did and I loved Kyuss. … Continue reading

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