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The Vintage Caravan – “Gateways”

If there are two genres that have consistently held my attention (and my heart) throughout the years, it is stoner and psychedelic rock. So when The Vintage Caravan’s fourth studio album was offered to me, well… Color me very excited. … Continue reading

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Earthless – “Black Heaven”

Earthless have been one of the best instrumental bands that you might not know of. The band have recorded albums with 20 minute psychedelic jams that flat out ROCK. They have only featured vocals once in the past and it … Continue reading

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The Atlas Moth – “Coma Noir”

The Atlas Moth are one of those bands that there are times I really like and other times I wonder if I am out of my mind for listening to them. They are heavy and very much along the lines … Continue reading

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Fu Manchu – “Clone of the Universe”

I know what you’re thinking. Fu Manchu on a prog site?? Well hang on there. First off, I’ve loved this band since 1999’s “King of the Road.” They have that desert rock sound that Kyuss did and I loved Kyuss. … Continue reading

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Monster Magnet – “Tab” & “Spine of God” reissues

As many people know, I am a huge Monster Magnet fan. I got into them around the time of “Superjudge” and have loved everything Dave Wyndorf and company have done since. Along the way, I did go back and pick … Continue reading

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Necromandus – “Necromandus”

Necromandus could have been a massive force in prog metal. They could have even been the band cited as creating the sub genre. Unfortunately, they never got to prove any of that. Back in 1972, the band had the great … Continue reading

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