Hexvessel – “When We are Death”

when-we-are-deathLet’s get this out of the way. Hexvessel are a retro band BUT unlike some, they offer a more interesting take on psych rock. Part of the enjoyment of their new album “When We are Death” is the abundance of vintage organs and keyboards. I have a soft spot for that.

“When I’m Dead” is a perfect showcase for these keys. It’s acid rock freak out in the middle. I love that!! The slide guitar hook is also very hooky. They also write really good songs. “Cosmic Truth” has an awesome hook and if this were the late 60s, it might actually be a hit. “Transparent Eyeball” is another favorite. The handclaps and the organ get me every time.

I recently reviewed the new album by Spiritual Beggars and where that album goes wrong, “When We are Death” goes right. I think the big difference is that Hexvessel FEEL this music. This isn’t a hobby. This is authentic and because of that, it’s very enjoyable and feels natural to them. “When We are Death” is the soundtrack to a wild pagan ritual conducted in 1969. It’s trippy as hell and fun album to boot!

Rating: 8/10

1. Transparent Eyeball
2. Earth over Us
3. Cosmic Truth
4. When I’m Dead
5. Mirror Boy
6. Drugged up on the Universe
7. Teeth of the Mountain
8. Green Gold
9. Mushroom Spirit Doors
10. Hunter’s Prayer

Label: Century Media
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hexvessel

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