Proud Peasant – “Cosmic Sound” single

cosmicsoundProud Peasant are a VERY talented band. I’ve been a fan since I first heard their debut album “Flight.” They are an old school progressive rock band with a flare for the cinematic element of the genre. “Flight” could have been a soundtrack to a very strange but fun movie.

The band is back with a single, a real VINYL single, to hold people over until their follow up album. “Cosmic Sound” features two obscure covers that showcase the band’s influences and talent as a whole. “Daybreak” was originally done by German prog rockers Eloy and “Saturn, Lord Of The Ring/Mercury, Winged Messenger” was performed by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.

The arrangements of both songs are very true to the originals which is a good idea since many people might not be aware of these songs. So this makes for both a good introduction to both Proud Peasant and the bands that originally did the tracks. Each band are very influential to Proud Peasant so the care taken to perform each is no surprise.

“Daybreak” is a great rollicking prog number that the band could certainly use as a concert opener. It makes me want them to cover more Eloy to be honest! The cover of “Saturn, Lord Of The Ring/Mercury, Winged Messenger” is more of a mixed bag for me. I love the second half “Mercury, Winged Messenger” as they again showcase their playing which is stellar.

The problem on “Saturn, Lord Of The Ring” is the use of wordless female vocals in place of keys that were on the original. It winds up sounding like bad jazz improv when it isn’t. Each time I’ve listened, I cringe a bit. Very unfortunate as it’s just not for me at all.

Overall, it’s great to hear this very talented band showing off their love of these unappreciated bands. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band did more than “Blinded By the Light,” folks! Kudos to Fruits de Mer Records for releasing a true single of two great songs by a great band!

Rating: 8/10

1. Daybreak (originally by Eloy)
2. Saturn, Lord Of The Ring/Mercury, Winged Messenger (originally by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band)

Label: Fruits de Mer Records

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