Matthew Parmenter – “All Our Yesterdays”

ParmenterThis one of those times that I like the artist but not the release. I really like Matthew Pamenter’s band Discipline. I hadn’t heard any of his solo albums so my expectation was that “All Our Yesterdays” would be along the lines of the band. Of course, it isn’t.

Parmenter reminds me of Peter Hammill vocally only that he is a bit more affected than even Hammill. That tends to work better for me when surrounded by a band like on the Discipline albums. Here, the arrangements are naturally more sparse so his voice is much more apparent and he does play up his overall style as well. I just don’t care for it.

The songs themselves are very well written and memorable, but not really prog at all like Discipline. So yes I prefer the band. This is also a bit like Peter Hammill as well since I love VDGG but not his solo material. I did go back and check on Parmenter’s solo material and this album does follow the same direction overall. So it’s fair to say that if you liked those, you will like this.

Songs like “Digital” and “All for Nothing” are really great songs but his delivery and the stripped down arrangement just don’t work for me. I’d be interested to hear Discipline do some of these tracks as a full band. Matthew Parmenter is quite talented and I can’t fault him for being himself on “All Our Yesterdays.” It’s just not the version of him that I prefer.

Rating: 6/10

1. Scheherazade
2. Danse du Ventre
3. Digital
4. I Am A Shadow
5. All for Nothing
6. All Our Yesterdays
7. Stuff In The Bag
8. Inside
9. Consumption
10. Hey for the Dance

Label: Bad Elephant Music

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