Sendelica – “The Cromlech Chronicles II”


Sendelica are a progressive/psychedelic rock band from Wales, and they have been making music as a unit since 2006.

They are yet another band that I had never heard of until the ProgBoss offered me a release of theirs to review. Perhaps because, like the others, they are there and I am here.

The album I was given to review is called The Cromlech Chronicles II. (A cromlech, by definition, is a tomb.)

Spooky. This release is comprised of two epic tracks, Ripples of the Megaliths and Even Though My Mouth is Silent. Those are two tomb – worthy titles.

The music is dark, quiet and moody. At times the spirits of Steven Wilson and King Crimson are invoked. The tracks are mostly instrumental with an occasional female vocal that adds to the mysterious atmosphere brought forth.

And though both songs are lengthy, they did not seem overly so. I found the music nice to chill to, with enough sonic textures to keep me listening. Sendelica have an extensive collection of albums on Bandcamp, and this album makes me want to investigate some more of their work.

Rating 8/10

Available now.

Label: Fruits de Mer

The band:
Pete Bingham: Guitar, Electronics.
Glenda Pescado: Bass
Lee Relfe: Saxophones
Joe Caswell & Jack Jackson: Drums
Colin Consterdine: Programming, Electronics

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1 Response to Sendelica – “The Cromlech Chronicles II”

  1. Thanks to your website I found this band.

    I like their songs, and I’ll also keep an eye on your website because there’s really cool stuff here.

    All the best!


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