Djam Karet – “Sonic Celluloid”

a0346140022_2There are bands that have been around for a while that I’ve always meant to check out but for whatever reason, just keep forgetting to do so. Djam Karet was one of those bands. I checked out their 2013 single track 47 minute long album “The Trip” and I did enjoy it. But there’s A LOT more to Djam Karet than that. The band has been around since 1984 and have all the original members aboard once again for their new album “Sonic Celluloid.”

The album title is VERY accurate because the tracks all paint mental pictures in your mind. The key to it is to have an open mind going in. Some of the tracks work better than others for me personally. “Oceanside Exterior” is particular beautiful and takes me somewhere I’d rather be. On the flip side, “Numerous Mechanical Circles” feels cold and stale plus the spoken word doesn’t work for me (when does it, right?).

Gayle Ellett still has a great ear for melody and for arrangement. “Flashback” reminds me a little of Goblin with the mellotrons and awesome guitar line…and a LAWNMOWER! While drummer Chuck Oken, Jr. does use sequencing a lot, for the most part it works and does fit the song. The album as a whole takes a bit to fully sink in which is a good thing!

I am really glad to finally be on the path to check out more from Djam Karet. They are certainly one of America’s true hidden talents. You can tell by listening to “Sonic Celluloid” that it’s all about the music with this band. “Sonic Celluloid” is a fierce exploration into the nether regions of your aural imagination. Strap yourselves in.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Saul Says So
2. Forced Perspective
3. Long Shot
4. No Narration Needed
5. Numerous Mechanical Circles
6. Oceanside Exterior
7. Au Revoir Au Rêve
8. Flashback
9. Lower
10. The Denouement Device


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