Tim Bowness – “Lost in the Ghost Light”

litgl300-300x300Being the lesser known half of No-Man is not an easy lease in life. But, Tim Bowness is a talent in his own right. Steven Wilson may always be more well known but there is no denying the unique vocals of Bowness. His ethereal breathy approach is quite unique. “Lost in the Ghost Light” is his fourth solo outing and is his best so far.

The songs are without a doubt his strongest set but beyond that, the instrumentation really brings something extra to the music that, heretofore, was missing. Whether it be flute solos or delicate acoustic guitars or lush mellotrons, Bowness has (intentionally or not) decided to follow the path that his former band mate has embraced.

Regardless of the approach, without great song writing, the album would be nothing. The first two tracks, “Worlds Of Yesterday” and “Moonshot Manchild,” get the album off to a fabulous start. These are two BEAUTIFUL tracks! The arrangements are absolutely perfect. Moonshot Manchild” ranks with anything that Wilson has done. Yes, I said it.

“Kill The Pain That’s Killing You” is an odd number and while it’s somewhat frenetic nature fits the song, it’s not a favorite of mine when compared to the rest of the album. The wistful “Nowhere Good To Go” is more familiar territory and works better for Bowness’ voice. “You’ll Be The Silence” is another gem of a song. The ending guitar solo is particularly great.

The title track is another odd one. It’s brief and a bit eerie, not my favorite. “You Wanted To Be Seen” is another solid track with some twists and turns. The synth riff in the middle is a highlight. “Distant Summers” is a lovely finish (the upright bass is perfect) to a wonderful album. It’s about time we all gave Tim Bowness his due. “Lost In The Ghost Light” is a great album that hopefully will accomplish that.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Worlds Of Yesterday
2. Moonshot Manchild
3. Kill The Pain That’s Killing You
4. Nowhere Good To Go
5. You’ll Be The Silence
6. Lost In The Ghost Light
7. You Wanted To Be Seen
8. Distant Summers

Label: Inside Out Music
Website: timbowness.co.uk

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