Fifth to Infinity – “Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire”

fifthtoinfinityDoing reviews can be an educational experience. Such is the case with the band Fifth to Infinity. I rarely read anything about a new release before the first listen. That was my approach with their album “Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire.” One thing I noticed was that the drums, while intricate, sounded a bit flat.

It turns out that the drummer for Fifth to Infinity is Martin Lopez of Soen, formerly of Opeth! Fifth to Infinity were the band that he and Martin Mendez were in prior to being in Opeth. The band had their initial album shelved but they reformed in 2007 without Mendez of course. Vocalist/guitarist Jonas Reslan leads the way and does have a very listenable black metal voice. But what about Lopez?

After listening again, the drumming is good but the production is very sparse. The closest thing I could compare it to would be Satyricon, overall. The difference is that Satyricon are more black metal than Fifth to Infinity. Not that Fifth to Infinity are “blackened” but it’s more proggy and darker than Satyricon.

Overall, the songs are decent but not consistent enough. Some of them like “The Fall of the Seven” or “Death Shall Wake Us All” stand out and others blend together. There’s not enough overall variety to it. The album begins with a 4 plus minute intro that goes on WAY too long and even the album itself at 56 minutes tends to overstay its welcome. The sameness of the tracks just don’t get the job done.

“Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire” is really interesting in what it represents. It’s miles away from Soen and certainly it is not in the class of Opeth either. Besides being a mouthful to say, “Omnipotent Transdimensional Soulfire” misses the chance to be something truly great.

Rating: 7/10

1. Intro – Vindar från de osaligas ängder
2. Reapers Wake
3. Masters Unbound
4. The Fall of the Seven
5. The Will to Harm
6. Death Shall Wake Us All
7. Secrets of the Bottom
8. The Promise of Abyss
9. The Blessings of Annihilation

Label: Avantgarde Music

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