Marcela Bovio – Through Your Eyes

cover-smallHere we are just about two months after the last album she appeared on, Mayan’s Dhyana, and we are greeted with more of the illustrious voice that is Marcela Bovio with her latest solo effort, Through Your Eyes. Normally, this type of album wouldn’t be on the radar of a progressive music site. But it is a solo album by Marcela Bovio, who, if you aren’t aware, has some ties to the progressive world. As I already said, she is featured in the band Mayan as one of the primary singers and was on The Gentle Storm album from a few years ago as well as her band Stream of Passion. So given that connection, I am going to review this one. And I just think Marcela is awesome. So there.
What we have here is an album that was born out of stories she gathered from the fundraising campaign for the album. 9 stories were chosen from the campaign contributors to use on this album. It is described as “melancholic chamber music” so there is nothing on here metal or rock at all. Just strings, piano, and her fantastic voice.
The Edge of the World is a freaking gorgeous love song and a perfect showcase of Marcela’s powerful voice which builds, at one point to an amazing swell. Great lead track. Scientist is up next (you can see a lyric video below) with its inquisition of existence followed by a “you’re stronger than you know” kind of song in Roardin. And Marcela’s sister Diana joins her on Here to Stay and provides some great harmonies.
I won’t spoil all the stories here, but do want to call out a couple of more peaks on this one in The Silence Before the Storm which is yet another showcase of the power of Marcela with some excellent piano and strings to boot. Love the melody here. And in Thorns and Roses she slips nicely between languages and, of course, handles it flawlessly. Very beautiful piece.
I’m not one that usually goes for this kind of music but what you have here is REALLY good. She just carries it up to another level. So if you are looking for something very laid back (think sitting inside on a cold, rainy/snowy day with a hot beverage and just relaxing) then this just might be for you. There are multiple ways this can be pre-ordered from her website, so check it out. But definitely watch the videos released so far and see if it is for you. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.
Rating: Really freaking good!
1- The Edge of the World
2- Scientist
3- Roardin
4- Icarus
5- Here to Stay
6- Magic Powers
7- Remember Me
8- Thorns and Roses
9- The Silence Before the Storm
10- Into Her Eyes
11- Desde Adentro
Label: Independent Release
Release Date: December 7th, 2018
Marcela Introducing her new album (cat surprise at 5:37)
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2 Responses to Marcela Bovio – Through Your Eyes

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  2. Peter Backe says:

    I must say Roardin and Into Her Eyes also sticks out! Good review! Fantastic album! Love It!

    Liked by 1 person

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