Yes at the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY October 5, 2017

22279755_10155945931743938_3836013294271407500_nFor those curious, this is Yes featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman. For me, this is just YES. This is the second time that I’ve seen this lineup live. And where the first time wasn’t without a few issues here and there, this time out they sounded flat out amazing. This was without a doubt one of the best sounding Yesshows that I’ve attended and there have been quite a few.

I really loved the setlist. It was awesome to FINALLY hear “Changes” live again. The last time, they added it the show AFTER I saw them. Holy SHIT Trevor sounded great vocally on it!! Speaking of vocals, I think Jon sounds as good as he EVER has. I have no idea how that’s humanly possible. Those notes during “Heart of the Sunrise” (“I feel lost in the city”) were goosebump inducing. It was also awesome to hear “I Am Waiting” and I think I might have been the only person to give the song a standing ovation. Whatever!


Rick sounded like Rick, meaning the best keyboardist in the universe. The rhythm section of Lee Pomeroy on bass and Lou Molino on drums were awesome. Each sounded like true members of Yes versus just sidemen. The band added some tribal touches to “Awaken,” extended the hell out of the end of “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and did some other little changes here and there. All of which worked perfectly. Anyone who says Trevor can’t play Steve Howe’s parts is deaf. Period. He NAILED it while adding his own touches.


If you have a chance to see this Yes and you are a massive Yes fan, you will have a great time. The band hug each other on stage and clearly enjoy each other which is something Yes has never been about. That fun and joy is translated to the music and to the crowd. This is a true celebration of the music of Yes.

Perpetual Change
Hold On
South Side of the Sky
And You and I
Rhythm of Love
I Am Waiting
Heart of the Sunrise
Make It Easy Intro.
Owner of a Lonely Heart (with Sunshine of Your LoveP


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