Future was Perfect – “Future was Perfect”

futurewasperfectThe self-titled debut from Bulgaria’s Future was Perfect is a very strong all-instrumental post metal, prog rock offering. They walk a line between those two sub genres with the riffs of a post metal band and the melodic sensibility of prog rock. The opening track “Traces Unknown” is a good example of how those riffs yield to jazzier prog moments.

The only issue is that sometimes the band seems to wander a bit off into the ether before snapping back to another big riff. The riffs are often catchy and the solos with them are quite tasty. When Future was Perfect is focused, they deliver some memorable moments.

“Shadow Dance” has an awesome groove that reminds me a bit of Arcade Messiah, killer track. “Parallax” showcases the more intricate side of the band to start with. It’s a section that builds up nicely before the riffs kick in. “The Month of January” both breezy (literally I guess!) and infused with mellotrons. It even has a reggae section…with guitars and mellotrons!

While not perfect, Future was Perfect are off to a great start with this album. There’s plenty of great riffs, memorable moments and lots of promise. These Bulgarians are ones to keep an eye on. The future is certainly bright if not perfect!

Rating: 8/10

1. Traces Unknown
2. Shadow Dance
3. Parallax
4. The Month of January
5. Belgian Chocolate

CDBaby: www.cdbaby.com/cd/futurewasperfect

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