Heresy – “Prufrock”

prufrock-cover-1-x1This is going to be a strange review. I decided I should warn you upfront. This is one of those times that I recognize the quality of an album and a band yet don’t like it personally. What does that mean? Stylewise, Heresy are sympho/neo prog and very solid musicians. Their album “Prufock” is basically a concept album that revolves around “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot.

Sounds good? It is if you don’t mind the lyrics being based solely this piece of literature. I supposed being an English major way back in college causes me to avoid things like this. I hated college and being reminded in any way of it just pushes me over the edge.

But it’s a very intelligent approach. Musically, the songs and arrangements are very polite. When I say “polite,” I suppose I could compare it to a more Canterbury mindset of progressive rock rather than something more classically influenced like Yes or flat out evil like King Crimson or Van Der Graaf Generator. Basically, my own taste is to have the music (including melodies and lyrics) challenge me more. Now, using a T.S. Eliot poem is challenging in a way but for me it’s what I don’t like about certain prog.

Still, I recognize that the vocals are VERY strong, the musicianship is immaculate and the arrangements are tight. One caveat to the music is that the drumming sounds a tad lazy and robotic. I almost thought it was a drum machine rather than a real drummer. Again, this is preference. For me, the drummer needs to DRIVE the music forward rather than be a passenger.

But I decided to post this “review” so that people can be aware of “Prufrock” and Heresy so that everyone can decide for themselves. I am just one person of course so my own preconceived notions and tastes always come into play. You are not me so your results may indeed vary!

Rating: n/a


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