Greg Lake passes away at 69 after “stubborn battle with cancer”

greg22016 is not done with the music world. After a year of death after death, including Keith Emerson, Greg Lake has passed away as well. Lake is one of the true voices of prog rock and after losing Emerson earlier in the year, it’s equally shocking and saddening. This leaves Carl Palmer has the sole surviving member of ELP.

Greg Lake not only gave his talents to ELP but he was a founding member of King Crimson, with his talents on display on their first two albums. Where would we be without “In the Court of the Crimson King”??? It’s really hard to imagine. Without Greg Lake, the genre would not exist as it does today.


The sobering fact is that our heroes are aging and so are we. We’d all like to blame 2016 as some sort of karma douchebag but really we should all prepare ourselves for more as life and death continue to march on. Let’s take a moment to thank Greg Lake for his life as we reflect on his death.

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2 Responses to Greg Lake passes away at 69 after “stubborn battle with cancer”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I got into King Crimson at a relatively early age, which led me to ELP, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes…and on it goes. Greg Lake had a very distinct voice and style that will be truly missed. This has been a tough year on the music world…crazy tat Carl Palmer is now a walking reunion…


  2. Anonymous says:

    A truely gifted singer/songwriter/
    guitarist. I thank him for early years of King Crimson – a song he san but did not compose: Eitaph, most inspiring.


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