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Rob’s Recommendation Roundup: Volume 15

  Borknagar – “True North” Label: Century Media Release Date: 27 September 2019 Borknagar should be much more popular than they currently are. For me, they are every bit as talented musically as Opeth. While Opeth has steered more toward … Continue reading

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Anacrusis – The Metal Blade Re-issues

Anacrusis emerged from St. Louis, Missouri back in 1986. They merged thrash metal with progressive metal though their earlier material was more thrash. By the time the band released their fourth and final album “Screams and Whispers” in 1993, they … Continue reading

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Opeth – “In Cauda Venenum”

Opeth are back again with “In Cauda Venenum” and, for those fans still thinking the death vocals will make a return, it’s time to give that up. There’s the one moment in “Dignity” that is somewhat harsh but, other than … Continue reading

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Rob’s Recommendation Roundup: Volume 14

To start things off, we have the long awaited fourth album by Noekk, “Waltzing In Obscurity.” I reviewed their EP “Carol Stones and Elder Rock” from last year which was an all acoustic affair. I had wondered if that was … Continue reading

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Charlie Cawood – “Blurring Into Motion”

One element that allows many music albums work for me as a whole start-to-finish listening experience is the way they can take me on a journey. For a while I can escape the everyday and sonically travel someplace else, if … Continue reading

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Sonata Arctica – Talviyö

This band doesn’t really need an introduction as most in this realm of music have heard them and already developed an opinion of them… multiple times even. And, man, do those opinions vary wildly. I could be way off base, … Continue reading

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