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Distorted Harmony – “A Way Out”

Israel’s Distorted Harmony started out as a more straight up prog metal outfit with very obvious Dream Theater influences. They released their debut album “Utopia” for free and garnered much attention. When it came time for the second album, the band … Continue reading

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The Night Flight Orchestra – “Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough”

“Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough” could almost be the title of an old James Bond movie. In this case, it’s the latest album by The Night Flight Orchestra who know how to make authentic classic rock. Now when I say … Continue reading

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Lux Terminus – “The Courage to Be”

First of all, I need to get it out in the open that I am a fan of  the multi-talented Vikram Shankar. Ever since I first saw that keyboard medley he did with a little Dream Theater and a little Haken, I … Continue reading

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Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy – “Live”

Carl Palmer is the final living member of the legendary prog group Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Prior to the untimely passing of both Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, Palmer formed a power trio called Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy. Not only … Continue reading

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Karmic Juggernaut – “The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of”

There are plenty bands who play music that is tough to digest but, after a few full-spins of Karmic Juggernaut’s newest recording “The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of,” I’d have to classify this as more of an acquired taste … Continue reading

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