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Interview with Pierre St-Jean of Heaven’s Cry

What made you guys decide to reform back in 2010 after almost a decade apart? It really seemed to me that you guys were always ahead of your time. I would say that Heaven’s Cry is about change and moving … Continue reading

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What is Prog? Revisited.

I know I’ve posted about this before but this is something that I could write a damn book about. The biggest question that fans of Prog get asked is what they “consider” to be prog? This is the trickiest question … Continue reading

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Dream Theater – “The Astonishing” plot review

I posted a review of “The Astonishing” a while after the release and decided not to get into grading the story. My view of the music remains unchanged. I really love the music throughout the album. I also still love … Continue reading

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Keith Emerson’s Death Should Serve as a Warning

Keith Emerson committed suicide on Thursday, March 10th. This is not something that many people can or will be able to understand. It’s impossible to know just how depressed he was over not being able to play the keyboards the … Continue reading

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The Real Tragedy in the Wake of Piotr Grudziński’s Death

There have been many tributes to Riverside guitarist Piotr Grudziński. I am doing one on my radio show. But since his sudden passing on Sunday, I don’t even think about the music side of things. I’ve been thinking about his … Continue reading

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When Taking a Risk Goes Wrong

Prog bands are often in a very tricky position. By definition, being progressive means to change and evolve. To progress means moving forward. The problem is that if prog bands progress to far from what fans expect, there can be … Continue reading

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Dream Theater releases “The Astonishing” and fans are divided

No, this is not my review of the new Dream Theater album, “The Astonishing.” I don’t see how anyone could have an accurate opinion of 131 minutes of music after a day. Yet that hasn’t stopped people from either declaring … Continue reading

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