Contact Progressive Music Planet

If you are an artist or record label who would like me to review your release or do an interview, here are some rules.

All phone and Skype interviews are posted as audio interviews only. If you prefer to have an interview done in a written format, these are done via email only. Please note that I am in the Eastern US time zone so all scheduling should take that into account.

If you want the site to review an album:

  • Releases must be in the form of either a digital copy (mp3 ONLY) or physical copy. Streaming is not acceptable and those submissions will not be reviewed.
  • Releases MUST be somewhat “prog” or “progressive,” that is the focus of this site. Since everyone has a different opinion as to what “prog” or “progressive” is, the only person that decides what is “prog” or “progressive” is me because this is my website.
  • Only professionally recorded albums are acceptable. NO bedroom recordings on a laptop. Those qualify as demos and I do not review demos. Please do NOT submit any album that has not been professionally engineered, mixed and mastered.
  • I am accepting releases with programmed drums BUT nothing can replace a REAL drummer. So more than likely I will reject a submission with programmed drums unless it offers something “special.” An example would be Wisdom of Crowds, Ulver or using a drum machine as just that rather than trying to fool anyone to think it was a real drummer.
  • Just submitting an album for review does NOT guarantee that it will be reviewed. Until a release is published to the site, the album may or may not be reviewed. I am not interested in forcing myself to listen to music over and over again, trying to like it. Reviews are basically personal preference and as such I’d rather focus on music that I prefer. As such, I am cracking down on reviewing just any prog band out there. There are a TON of bands and quite frankly, not all of them should be making albums!

NOTE: If I don’t reply to your submission, your music is not a good fit for the site and it will not be reviewed. I am not able to reply to every email that I receive. If your album is going to be reviewed, I will reply and tell you that. If you just email me asking if I will review your album without including at least a sample of the music, your email is not going to be answered.



Thanks for visiting the website!

2 Responses to Contact Progressive Music Planet

  1. Love what you do Rob, I’m excited I discovered this website!

    Liked by 1 person

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