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Jasun Martz – “Solo Exhibition – A Retrospective: The Pillory”

Originally released in 1978, “The Pillory” was the 42 minute experiment by the multi-talented Jasun Martz. Now all these years later it is part of a box set covering the many different works of this eclectic composer and artist. All … Continue reading

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Gentle Knife – “The Clock Unwound”

I always find it refreshing listening to a band that aims to sound different on every track, and I usually applaud artists willing to take this risk even if the results don’t always pan out. Gentle Knife takes this varied … Continue reading

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Lunar Cape – “Just Lunatics”

Sometimes during the course of listening to music with the intent to review it, it becomes apparent that what you are listening to just isn’t for you. It can be easy to want to simply hit eject, but the challenge … Continue reading

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Cosmosquad – “The Morbid Tango”

I was reared on the instrumental guitar album, and it is this style that in many ways informed my initial dive into progressive rock and metal. As a musician, an active listener, and an analyst (for better or worse), there … Continue reading

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Draw the Sky – “Humanity”

Draw the Sky are a talented French prog band who have serious jazz leanings. Instrumentation plays a big part of that with some fine sax playing through out. Their debut album “Humanity” kicks off with the track “Back” which reminds … Continue reading

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Sleeping in Traffic – “Feminism”

Despite their name, Sleeping in Traffic sound nothing like Beardfish. Rather this Edmonton, Alberta band sound more like their fellow countrymen Protest the Hero, albeit with a sax in the mix of things. Their overall style is the same careening … Continue reading

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Sons of Ra – “Anthropology”

Chicago’s Sons of Ra are a talented group of musicians and have chops to spare. “Anthropology” is a 35 minute, self-indulgent jam session from this trio. It does a good job of merging prog metal with jazz fusion. Imagine the … Continue reading

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