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Top 20 of 2018 – Restless Amoeba Edition

Disclaimer: This top 20 list solely reflects the views of the Amoeba that is Restless and not that of the site owner. Any review, feelings, or points of view expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the view of … Continue reading

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Marcela Bovio – Through Your Eyes

Here we are just about two months after the last album she appeared on, Mayan’s Dhyana, and we are greeted with more of the illustrious voice that is Marcela Bovio with her latest solo effort, Through Your Eyes. Normally, this … Continue reading

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ProgPowerUSA 2018 – Day Four

  The days were posted in the order that the bands performed. And if you missed Day Three, you can find it here and work your way back through the other days if you like. Or start with the beginning here and … Continue reading

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Leah – “The Quest”

It’s been a while since I have listened to a Leah album. Loved her earlier work and got pretty excited when King’s and Queens came out. Especially after I saw how long it was (I like longer songs). And while … Continue reading

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Anneke van Giersbergen – Symphonized

I was first introduced to Anneke via The Gentle Storm and have loved her voice ever since. Loved her work with Devin too (ok, so I heard her first on Epicloud, but really took note on TGS), and got to … Continue reading

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Ayreon – “Into The Electric Castle: The 20th Anniversary Edition”

First of all… 20 freaking years since this came out. Is it classic rock yet? Time, please stop… or just slow down a little. Get your foot off the gas, at least! Let’s just get down to it. Same album, … Continue reading

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Sutej Singh – “The Emerging”

Sutej, hailing from Solan, Himachal Pradesh (INDIA), is very new to me and I can only say… what an introduction! The whole thing is a very cinematic experience, layered in melody with a lot of emotion.  . Some fantastic players joining Sutej … Continue reading

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