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Soft Machine – “Hidden Details”

Soft Machine is a band that even those folks who say they aren’t into progressive rock seem to know and love. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the band touch on something beyond prog that becomes their own … Continue reading

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Susan’s Favorite Albums: King Crimson – Discipline (1981)

If you were living in the Midwest of the United States in the early 1980s, chances are the way you were introduced to new music was via the radio. Cable TV wasn’t widespread yet, and the internet was nothing like … Continue reading

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Matt Baber – “Suite For Piano And Electronics”

It’s another Sue Review of an instrumental album, with yet another approach, this one being one of classical sort, with a touch of modern minimalism. But it is not a stuffy affair by any means. Many of the keyboard players … Continue reading

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Mark Wingfield – “Tales From The Dreaming City”

My string of reviews covering instrumental albums continues with guitarist Mark Wingfield’s Tales From The Dreaming City. Mr. Wingfield is British, with an established music career, and yet he might have passed under my radar if I wasn’t following his … Continue reading

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Klaus Schulze – “Silhouettes”

In my last review I wrote about the power of music without words to convey a mood. That was in regard to traditional rock instruments. I feel that any type of instrument can be used in this manner, and my … Continue reading

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The Fierce and The Dead – “The Euphoric”

Does a song need words to set a mood or tell a story? Can instruments without human voices work magic on one’s imagination? Certainly! Think of film soundtracks as an example. The music, along with the visuals, helps to set … Continue reading

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Plenty – “It Could Be Home”

Plenty is the band Tim Bowness left for no-man. This is a record of what could have been. The band released a couple of cassettes in the late 80s. The songs included in this album have been re-recorded and tweaked. … Continue reading

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Mildlife – “Phase”

Phase is the debut album from Melbourne-based band Mildlife. The lead single The Magnificent Moon is the first track on the album and it is a wonderful introduction to this band. On first blush, this song reminded of another Aussie … Continue reading

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Tonochrome – “A Map In Fragments”

My adventure in music discovery continues. Tonochrome is another band I may have not heard of if it wasn’t for the internet. The first mention of the band I saw was via a member of the group of whom I … Continue reading

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Breidablik – “Penumbra”

When I heard the opening track Penumbra Part 1 for the first time, a thought popped into my head, “If Bass Communion and Tangerine Dream had a baby, it might sound like this”. Breidablik is the project of Morton Birkeland … Continue reading

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