The trouble with opinions…

A big part of this site has been reviews. Reviews are just opinions but more over, they are opinions at a specific point in time. Opinions can change over time, but reviews are in theory chiseled in stone. That’s one reason I am not keen on doing reviews. I have gone back to my past reviews and there were some glowing reviews of albums that I have NO recollection of what they even sound like. That’s a problem. Bands have come back and said “hey you liked our last album so how about another review?” I have no clue that I reviewed it. So I go back and re-listen to the album aaaaaaaand I have no clue why I liked it.

That puts everyone in a very awkward state. Initially I thought I’d be into certain albums forever, but they don’t hold up. In fact, very few albums comparatively really “hold up.” So for me to go around saying every other album is great is just being silly. While I like helping bands out, it’s actually NOT why I started the facebook page. It wasn’t about the bands, it was about fellow music listeners. My perspective was that I reasonably recommend new music to someone or just remind them of music they forgot they have. “Hey, check this out.” That was it.

Music has an ebb and flow so sometimes you are really into listening to prog death metal. Then the next week, you don’t want a harsh vocal. Variety has always been what makes music great. While this site and FB page are listed as “progressive,” for me it’s a wide range. Plus I find people seem to like similar bands as I do, so if I stray from the hard definition of “prog,” most people understand where I am coming from. It’s about taste or opinion.

So today I edited my Enslaved review because my opinion of it had changed. I noticed in the original review that I was struggling with but I figured that I’d get into it. It didn’t happen so I thought “why not change the review?” I added to it. Maybe no one really cares but I liked the honesty involved. I felt bad being disappointed in that album. And that’s how important music is to me, and the bands that I love. Anyway, I was inspired to throw out some ideas here. Reviews aren’t easy when you are overly analytical.

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I have been a fan of progressive metal and progressive rock for most of my life. My music collection is insanely large. My passion for life is music!
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1 Response to The trouble with opinions…

  1. loubreed says:

    I get your perspective, but I still wish you did reviews more often. Anyway, I’m glad you still do reviews every now and then despite all difficulties. Hoping for more in the future, there’s a new RPWL album incoming, for example, as well as a new Ne Obliviscaris, which took a while to get here, and some less obvious stuff, such as this February’s Pil & Bue record (I hope that’s not one of those bands that you initially praised to forget how they sound later on). So, maybe something will inspire you to write again!


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