Bjørn Riis – “A Fleeting Glimpse”

It’s no secret that Pink Floyd is a massive influence on the band Airbag and their guitarist Bjørn Riis. Riis has had a very busy solo career and just released an album in April of 2022 called “Everything to Everyone.” And he is back again! This time with an EP/mini album which is intended as an homage to Pink Floyd. I suppose there’s no reason to try to hide the influence. Why not celebrate it? And that he does on “A Fleeting Glimpse.”

Adding to the connection is Floyd backing vocalist Durga McBroom who guests on the opening track, “Dark Shadows (part 1).” She does some wordless improv vocals similar to what you have heard on tracks like “The Great Gig in the Sky,” those done by Claire Torry. Oddly enough, it’s those vocals that might be my only issue with this mini-album. McBroom can SING! But it gets overwhelming and really takes over the song at times. It’s just too out in front of the mix and a bit startling at first. But after you get used to it being out front, it’s good.

Musically, Riis and Airbag have never hidden their Floydian roots. “A Fleeting Glimpse” just makes it perhaps more obvious. “Dark Shadows (part 1)” glides along like a good Floyd tune would, complete with Riis’ Gilmouresque fills. “A Voyage to the Sun” starts off sounding like a mix of “Welcome to the Machine” or “Time.” The keys and vibes channel that ominous side of Pink Floyd and because of that, it is my favorite song. A great instrumental. The bells at the start of “Summer Meadows” seem like a nod to “High Hopes” maybe? The song itself is acoustic based and gorgeous to start with. It builds slowly going from an acoustic solo to an electric solo and then back again. Very Dark Side of the Moon to me. And yes another great instrumental.

The mini album closes with “Dark Shadows (part 2).” The song revisits all of the vibes of the previous tracks, arrangement similar to “A Voyage to the Sun.” I like the sparseness of the middle section which allows for a nice solo in a bit of a “Momentary” style. It rounds out this EP really well. Overall, this is NOT derivative sounding. While it doesn’t hide the Floyd influences, those influences are present in some shape or form on everything Riis has done. “A Fleeting Glimpse” is very strong, and definitely will please his fans and Airbag fans while perhaps get Pink Floyd fans to check out the talent of Bjørn Riis.

Rating: 9/10

1. Dark Shadows (part 1)
2. A Voyage to the Sun
3. Summer Meadows
4. Dark Shadows (part 2)

Label: Karisma Records
Release Date: 30 September 2022

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