David Paich – “Forgotten Toys”

It’s pretty hard not to have heard at least one song written by the legendary David Paich. He is best known as the main writer and keyboardist of Toto. Beyond that, he has worked with so many artists, it’s staggering. It’s hard to believe that someone as prolific as Paich has never released an album under his own name, but when you have a creative vehicle like Toto, I suppose it’s not needed.

Now with his bandmates, Steve Lukather and Joseph Williams releasing solo albums, plus COVID, the time is right for the debut solo album by David Paich, “Forgotten Toys”. The one downside is the length. At a mere 30 minutes, one could argue this is more like an EP rather than an album. However, when the 30 minutes are as strong as these, why risk it? The 7 tracks include an orchestral intro called “Forward” which is just 30 seconds but it certainly serves as a tip of the hat to his legendary father Marty.

“willibelongtoyou” could easily be a Toto song…but that’s true of most tracks and how could they not be? Paich is a massive part of that band. The song features a co-lead vocal by Williams and kicks major ass. The driving “Spirit Of The Moonrise” was the first single and I knew I was going to love this release as soon as I heard this song. It would be on the radio, if the radio was like it was when I was a kid of course. The song wouldn’t sound out of place on an album like “Mindfields” (a personal favorite) or even “The Seventh One.”

The gentle “First Time” is next up. This has a very radio friendly Adult Contemporary vibe to it. It’s the perfect change of pace at this point. Also, Paich sounds great vocally. He really shied away from singing over the last few decades on Toto albums, which is a shame because he still has it. He knows when his voice fits a song and it fits well here. “Queen Charade” has a great groove to it. It’s a stomper of a track, yes another style the man can write. I could hear Luke singing this one but again Paich does it justice.

Next is an alternate version of the Toto XIV song “All The Tears That Shine.” It has a lead vocal by the late Michael Sherwood, who does sound a bit like Paich. It’s a good version but I prefer the one on Toto XIV. And the closer “Lucy” showcases Paich’s love of jazz. This is a GREAT track complete with a horn section. I could get into an entire album of this!!

While you don’t feel cheated by the 30 minutes, you do wind up wanting more when the album is done. But the album covers so many facets of what makes David Paich a LEGENDARY songwriter and performer. “Forgotten Toys” were ideas floating around in his head that needed to be recorded. Thankfully they were! This album is a MUST for any Toto fan and really anyone who loves great music.

Rating: 9/10

1. Forward
2. willibelongtoyou
3. Spirit Of The Moonrise
4. First Time
5. Queen Charade
6. All The Tears That Shine
7. Lucy

Label: Mascot Label Group
Release Date: 19 August 2022

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